Monday, February 8, 2010

Yet Again

So I'm not good at this whole blog thing. I think I'll just occasionally update this blog when I have the need to do so.

Sophomore year! Quite the big step from freshman year. Wow. It might be because I decided to take Orgo and Physics during first semester.

Here were my courses:
Phys 103 - Introductory Physics (Conservation and Newtonian Mechanics)
Chem 225 - Organic Chemistry 1
Math 181 - Multivariate Calculus
Music 101 - Introduction to Music Theory

These were tough courses. Including music theory! Calculus was not bad, though. Thank God I survived.

Now it's semester 2:
Chem 226 - Organic Chemistry 2
Eng 279/Asian 224 - Asian America's Aging
Comp 210 - Data Structures
Econ 101 - Microeconomics

It's not a bad start. I feel less stressed, though I have a feeling that stress will slowly creep up on me. It's definitely up to me to keep stress at bay by working hard!



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Evvivan said...

Hey Dan!

It's been a long time since I've posted on my blog or checked this one. A long time.