Monday, September 1, 2008

BSE: Best Sushi Ever? I Think Not.


Long time no see. So BSE (the Bowdoin Science Experience) was great! I've met so many new and fun people, as well as great and helpful mentors, during the program. Basically, we got a hands-on experience of what Bowdoin is like and how it is awesome! There was one day where we were assigned groups to do a scavenger hunt. What we had to do is to run around campus and find certain offices and locations with people that has special numbers. Our job is to collect those numbers and at then end figure out the combinations that will open a treasure chest. My group was attracted to tour guides. "HEYYYY there's a tour group! Where's Adam's Hall?...Thanks!" *Runs off*

Great times. We also got to meet our first-year pre-major advisor, which taught us things about he or she is researching. Of course, with this program focusing on science, the advisor is researching in the science field. My advisor is in the Computer Science department. I'm not a big programmer, but I will be taking Computer Science 101 to see if I like it or not. I might minor in Computer Science, but you never know what will happen!

Another activity we did was called Puzzles and Problems. The instructors divided us into groups (with different group members) and a sheet of paper with 8 little problems on them. The problems were not really science oriented problems--for example, one problem is to make a name for the group, while another is to figure out how many M&M's were in a jar. At the end of the week, we were awarded with prizes for coming up with the best, clear, thoroughly explained, creative answer. My group, AKA the Polarized Bears, won two prizes: A year supply of M&M and a mini white board for the dorm room! Yay M&M's! (Yes, my group got that problem right by using calculus :D).

I think I will tell you guys about Pre-Orientation next time...I'm feeling a bit sleepy. Time for a nap!


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Evvivan said...

Hi Dan!

First post! Using calculus to figure out the number of M&Ms in a jar....I take it someone in your group was really good at math?

Daniel Yuan said...

lol it was all thanks to mentors.