Friday, September 19, 2008

Time Travel Back a Few Weeks...

Back to Orientation!

So to sum up what happened during orientation in four words: WAY TOO MANY SPEECHES. Although some of them were different and unique.

Of course, there's the president's welcome. Semi-formal dress, semi-formal dinner.

Then there's the group photo for the incoming class. Semi-formal dress, followed by the official semi-formal welcoming dinner.

Next is the Convocation (in other words, President's welcome #2). You guessed it, semi-formal dress.

Despite all the semi-formal speeches, there were fun ones too! Including the Do-Not-Take-Drugs Talk and Sex Signals Talk. I know what you're thinking, "Dan, what's wrong with you? Aren't those talks usually long and boring. And they convey the same message: Don't do it."

NO YOU'RE WRONG, well...half wrong. :)

Yes, there's still the don't do it in the first place reasoning, but also the speaker shared helpful info that IF you are doing it, here are some safe ways to reduce the chances of being drunk/high/trashed/whatever else there is to describe a crazy person. Plus, the speaker was funny, which is nice.
Sex signals was done in the form of improv, which is also nice. And hilarious.

Don't worry guys, I'm not going to do drugs or drink or rape people. That's just not nice.

Alright now to the really fun parts of Orientation: The Lobster Bake and Inter-House Olympics.
Lobster Bake is when all of us come together, bake lobsters, and then feast on it! It was so much fun bonding with the dorm and officially enjoying lobster for the first time.

The previous two sentences were lies.
A lobster bake is just everyone coming together to eat dinner (with lobster, already cooked, of course). Though it WAS my first time eating lobster. Bowdoin was thoughtful and placed instructions on how to take apart lobsters. It was really juicy. And by really juicy, I mean my tray was flooded with lobster juice. It was good though. :)

The Inter-House Olympics was just first-year dorms, along with their affliate upper-classmen house team up together against other teams and play fun camp games to compete for the number one spot (winner gets a trophy!). Sadly, my dorm didn't win and trophy...but we had fun being Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles! Yes, our house color is green. We even had our own chant and theme song!

Fun times.

That's all for now!


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Evvivan said...

Posting from Nashua. I think my orientation last year was much less involved....a lot of stuff was optional, and semi-formal or formal dress was never required. Interestingly, while we were waiting before the university president's speech, they played the Legend of Zelda Theme Song.