Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going with the Flow

No, it's not a new trend here at Bowdoin.

I'm talkin' about finding my rhythm here in college. So far, things are piling up. Events here, activities there, homework here, and work there. It's getting more hectic every week.

But I trust that I will eventually catch a rhythm. A routine that I can stick by.

Speaking of rhythms, I joined a swing dance club! It's wicked fun and exciting. We get to learn how to swing dance and this week was my first time. It's really easy and the basic step is also easy. So far, I've learned the leading role, how to lead the follower into different basic turns, and how to switch hands. I wish I took pictures...maybe next time~



Evvivan said...

Follwing a routine is overrated. Do something different every day! Now if only I can get myself to follow my advice.....

Daniel Yuan said...

but its hard doing something everyday since I keep losing track of time and my brain gets fried.

So yea, a routine is good. :)