Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Previously, On Dan's Life...

So I haven't been able to post more stuff about me these days. Busy busy busy! My calendar is already filled up with pencil and pen marks! Plus the homework assigned, I have virtually no time to waste.

BUT let's get a quick glimpse into Dan's Weekly Routine:

~Monday: Wake up at 8am ish, eat breakfast, go to Chem class at 9:30am. Done.
~Tuesday: Wake up at 8:30am ish, eat breakfast, go to Math class at 10am, eat Lunch, go to Psych class, go straight to First-Year Seminar, (now exhausted).
~Wednesday: Wake up at 8am ish, eat breakfast, go to Chem class at 9:30am, chill for an hour, eat lunch, go to 4 hour lab, (exhausted).
~Thursday: See tuesday.
~Friday: Wake up at 8am ish, eat breakfast, go to Chem class, chill, lunch, chill some more, go to Math lab at 1:30pm, blah,..., go to Super Snack at 11pm ish, sleep late.
~Saturday: Wake up at 11am or noon, eat brunch, HW, chill, work at dining at 5:30pm until 8:30pm, more HW?
~Sunday: Do whatever I want day. Plus HW.

*Rinse and Repeat*

Yup, that's my basic week. Don't forget to add on occasional events such as clubs and dorm meetings, HW, review sessions for classes, and other stuff.

I did get another interesting job though. I get to work with Professor Hadley Horch and her honor students on researching neuron regeneration using ganglia from crickets! For now, I have to help dissect crickets and cut out their ganglia. It's really cool trying to dissect under a microscope (hard too, because if you move too much you pretty much cut the cricket up. Thank God there's mini scissors.). I don't completely know what is going on, but I do know that they are staining and attaching florescent stuff to the ganglia. I'll post you guys on it when I find out.

Yay undergrad research!

P.S. I typed up this entry with a brain that's really tired and probably is probably complaining of not getting enough sleep. So I'm going to go and try to finish HW so I can sleep. :)

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